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seriously love pillows and huge comforters. they make me incredibly happy.

1. name: Brianna

2. single or taken: taken

3. sex: Female
4. birthday: March 14, 1989
6. siblings: sister,lauren
7. hair color: Blonde
8. eye color: Blue
9. shoe size:
10. height: 5'7

r e l a t i o n s h i p s
1. best friends: my girls of the clan, even tho some of us are on the outs i really think we can pull thru. 
2. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: yes
3. 1 of ur favorite people: kyle

f a s h i o n s t u f f
1. where is your favorite place to shop: forever 21
2. any tattoos or piercings: ears

s p e c i f i c s
1. do you do drugs?: definitely not
2. what kind of shampoo do you use?: garnier fruitisse
3. what are you most scared of?: failing and the future
5. who is the last person that called you?: the lady im baby-sittin 4 on sat.
6. where do you want to get married?: idk in a church somewhere maybe fall or spring

7. how many buddies are online right now?:
8. what would you change about yourself?: my eating habits 4 sure lol, and probaly my mood swings lately

f a v o r i t e s
1. color: pink
2. food: seafood,
3. subjects in school: history english
4. animals: dogs and cats
5. sports: dance is really the only physical activity i do, i like to run i guess but i would never be on track or anything lol

h a v e y o u e v e r
1. given anyone a bath?: a baby
2. smoked?: Nope
3. bungee jumped?: No
4. made yourself throw up?: i don't think so
5. skinny dipped?: yea
6: ever been in love?: yea
7. made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: I guess I did when I was little
8. pictured your crush naked?: who hasn't
y seen your crush naked?: not completely....
omeone died?: yes
11. lied: yea
12. fallen for a good friend?: ugh.. yes.
13. been rejected?: yeah

14. rejected someone?: yup
15. used someone?:
16. done something you regret?: oh yes.



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