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Ok wow last night was s&e. I had such a great time! First lo honors sang at like 6 somethin, we did very good i think it was actually pretty funny in the warm-up room everyon was freakin out tryin to take charge since our director wasn't there yet wow it was just a funny sight we even got some tears going. Then lo honors got a 1, yea states! Then i watched jess sing, she did great and got a 1. Then I saw armand!! Then came my solo time... Ok it started off ok my accompanice got there and all hell broke loose lol. Well at the time i was freakin out cuz she forget my music that you have to give to the judge and i was performing in less than 10 minutes! So her husband drove home to get it and then i warmed up. When my performance time came he was still not back with the books i was the second to the last person last night for this really nice judge so i had to go in and tell her i was havin accompanice problems and i would be ready very soon. Urgh i was so mad at this point. Then we finally get the books we go into the room and wtf my accompanice forgot to number the measures!!! Which u have to do or ur supposed to get disqualified. Luckily i had the nicest judge and she was like listen go out and measure ur numbers i will take whose supposed to be after you now and then you can go last. THANK GOD! So we went outside while megan performed. Then i finally was ready to go and my accompanice totally screws up my german song. I have no frickin clue wut she was playin so i just kept goin even tho it sounded like absolute shit. Then the judge actualy critiqed the piano playin! At this point i so pissed it was unbelievable. Somehow i did sing actually ok well actually i felt like i sang very well. The judge somehow gave me a 1! But as we were leavin she pulled my mom aside and advised that i get another accompanice for states. OMG! I can't belive i made it after all of that. Then kyle came over and we just hung out it was a nice calmin end to a very stressful night lol.
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