lodancinbabe (lodancinbabe) wrote,

I felt like makin a list today....

Ok this is a list of all the things that piss me off lol. Not that im in a pissed off mood i just thought this would be fun :)
1. i hate when my comp. kicks me offline ever 10 SECONDS!
2. i hate when there is nothin on tv.
3. i hate waitin for guys to make up their minds or make a move.
4. i hate stupid ppl lol.
5. i hate cliquey ppl.
6. i hate when i get lied too.
7. i hate annoying ppl.
8. i hate stuck up ppl.
9. i hate the great gatsby.
10. i hate that my dad can't remeber that i don't like hamburgers so he makes them all the time and then gets mad when i tell him for the millionth time i hate them,
11. i hate when my sister is bein annoyin and bratty.
12. i hate when i drive i get yellled at soooo much.
13. i hate havin no money.
14. i hate my food cravings
15. i hate cleaning
16. i hate how i break out my nose and i look like frickin rudolph but thank god for cover up!
17. this should sum it all up, i hate being a girl, we are way to complicated....
18. i hate when ppl do stupid things to solve their "problems"
19. i hate hilary duff and all her gay movies.
20. i hate shaving cuz i always cut myself or fall in the shower it takes way too much time lol.
Ok i will finish this list lata bye!
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