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Yea so im really bored, i just got back from my first voice lesson in like a month and it sucked so much. I swear, I have to send in a tape for ACDA by october 1st and i have to sing my italian piece, but my voice just wouln't hit the notes today so that will just be greta i can already tell. Now im waitin cuz im doin spot tonite for alns with armand, hopefully that will put in a better mood. Let see wut happened today...Not much but then again nothin really exicting ever happens to me lol especially at school. Oh we picked German names and i picked Eva, prounounced Ava. I love that name! The rest of the was slow i missed jess in chorale, cuz i have like no one else to talk to in that class but adrianne. and i talked to ryanne today about GH! Shes watches it too omg! lol. Ok now i must bring up the all important subject of homecoming lol. I don't really kno why maybe just cuz i went with friends last year i want a date. Like it doesn't have to be anyone that we have to be serious, i just want a date to have fun with. So im keepin my options open and my fingers crossed! Im so exicted for homecoming tho! can't wait to get my hair done and pretty much the whole things its goin to be frickin awesome! Well i just felt like writin and thats all i have to write about so bye for now!
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