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This Weekend=AWESOME!

So wow this a great weekend. the dance was friday, it was a lot of fun. even tho a lot of ppl didn't go we all just went crazy and had a good time. I loved it, especially how we were like the only ppl really dressed up. Then we went over to nells and spent the night, that was fun. Then saturday i went home for a while then i went to dance practice and after practice we left for ann arbor.
we got a late start to the comp. then i found out i lost my black capris that we had to wear for hip-hop so that meant me my mom chels and her mom had to find a mall in ann arbor and find some strechty black capris. so we went to wendy's and just pretty much talked on the way up. then we went to the mall and ran around like mad crazy to like 5 different stores lookin for capris. we finally found a pair at marshall fields. then we decided to look at shoes cuz well they had really cute chinese laundry shoes and we had to try them on. and then we smelled like a million perfumes it was funny. then we got some jones soda and finally made it the hotel, we were the last ones there of course. lol

then the team went out for dinner we had to wait FOREVER. we were in the resturant for like 3 hrs it was ridiculous. me chels and jaqueline and jess and amy had a lot of funny convos it was great. then when we were in the bathroom i tryed to kick in the door on jaq. like we did to hil in d.c. lol but it didn't work cuz she opened the door as i kicked it lol. darn. then we went back to the hotel and watched american wedding, it was on HBO.
So today was the comp at Michigan. Well first off i will say we took 4th in hip-hop out of like 7 teams and amazingly 3rd with jazz out of 7 or maybe 8. Then abby did amazin on her solo and took 2nd. WE had a great time then me and chels got these kick ass sweatsuit things i love them they're sweet. Other than that nothin much happened at the comp. we just pretty much watched a lot of other schools some good some not soo good. omg there was these sweet black hip-hop teams they even had like these 6 year olds up there shakin it. wow u had to see it i guess it was pretty frickin sweet. so i think that was it. Here are some pics from the weekend!
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